Monday, 12 September 2016

Ulster Museum

The Ulster Museum

Being that I was in the Discover art section of the museum, I figured I'd get a lot of creative little minds adding to the weave.
And sure enough, all the little minds appeared some interested in the weave,
Some interested in just wrapping or tying things ,
 some more interested in going under and poping there little head's through the holes which have formed in the stretching and assembling of the weave.

I've been getting a lot of 'IS THAT A SPIDERS WEB FOR HALLOWEEN'..... without realizing it.. it pretty much is very much like a spiders web, but that wasn't intentional. its the 4 chair loom situation which created the spider web shape. And hay spiders are skilled craft men.. so I'll take it as a compliment.

The fun thing about today was the fact that adults and kids we're feeling the enjoyment of weaving... or just having a go, or just hanging things.
 There is really no script to this. which is why i'm doing it of course.....

Natalia , summer and lily made my day they came back a few times!
 Natalia sat for maybe an hour creating a section of weave, summer started twisting and stretching fabrics and lily had the best time poking her head through the (almost poncho looking) fabric...

Saturday, 10 September 2016


Craftworld Belfast.

Gillian and the team at Craftworld really let me work away like I was in my own studio today. Chatting and weaving with passers by. more conversations about Crochet then I've heard in a while. and even more fun explaining that its an evolving project, still to be determined but wonderful in its uncertainty.... 

A number of brilliant personalities and creative thinkers stuck around and weaved some great sections with me today . Heather and Pat sat with me and discussed craft, weaving and the simplest of ideas which open up a new way of working you may not ever think to try.

I think tomorrow I'd like to make people aware of what they are making. not a specific garment or object but a strong  piece of fabric created from a simple technique which is so wonderfully  connected  to the clothing we wear...

Asking .

Asking helps many people, with most things.
Asking has definatley helped me develop this project.
The more I ask and talk to people, the more opportunity
there is to evolve and create something unexpected.

This week I spent most my time in Catalyst Arts
 taking over there project space... making a bit of mess
 and ripping up a lot of clothes.
Catching up with some wonderful people and making new friends.

I'm so grateful for their time, busy peoples doing all the busy things.
I'm grateful for all the spaces and people I will be working with in the next week...
 Here's to seeing if this works for you as much as me....

Experiments in Catalyst

Sunday, 4 September 2016


As humans we focus too much on what 'I' have not what 'We' have.
Shared experience, shared life and shared happiness should be a part of what we are told is 'right' in this world. 
But for many of us, its hard to get away from 'What I want to do' 
I am becoming less and less concerned about what I want to achieve and more interested in what WE can.

'Weaving networks' is an extension of a process I have always enjoyed and just like to do.
(but now 'I' wants to share it with 'U') ha ha ha... 

  Ripping up old clothes and piecing them back together . That's the basics.

 Coming now from a more clued in and ultimately more open minded, mind set of ideas.
 Questioning and informing myself of the problems we face day to day, year to year and for future generations.    Environment, health , happiness .

 It all boils down to the fact that less really is more.

 And this is where WE start.