Sunday, 4 September 2016


As humans we focus too much on what 'I' have not what 'We' have.
Shared experience, shared life and shared happiness should be a part of what we are told is 'right' in this world. 
But for many of us, its hard to get away from 'What I want to do' 
I am becoming less and less concerned about what I want to achieve and more interested in what WE can.

'Weaving networks' is an extension of a process I have always enjoyed and just like to do.
(but now 'I' wants to share it with 'U') ha ha ha... 

  Ripping up old clothes and piecing them back together . That's the basics.

 Coming now from a more clued in and ultimately more open minded, mind set of ideas.
 Questioning and informing myself of the problems we face day to day, year to year and for future generations.    Environment, health , happiness .

 It all boils down to the fact that less really is more.

 And this is where WE start.

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