Saturday, 10 September 2016


Craftworld Belfast.

Gillian and the team at Craftworld really let me work away like I was in my own studio today. Chatting and weaving with passers by. more conversations about Crochet then I've heard in a while. and even more fun explaining that its an evolving project, still to be determined but wonderful in its uncertainty.... 

A number of brilliant personalities and creative thinkers stuck around and weaved some great sections with me today . Heather and Pat sat with me and discussed craft, weaving and the simplest of ideas which open up a new way of working you may not ever think to try.

I think tomorrow I'd like to make people aware of what they are making. not a specific garment or object but a strong  piece of fabric created from a simple technique which is so wonderfully  connected  to the clothing we wear...

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